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Powerpuff Girls Monthly Drabble Contest
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PpG Drabble Contest

Closed as of October 2nd, 2013.

All entries will remain, both here and at ppghd_entry for archival purposes, but we recommend that you save copies of your favorite stories in case giant monsters ever attack Townsville and destroy the internet or something.


Exactly what it says on the tin ;)

Welcome to ppg_hub_drabble, a spinoff/sister community to ppg_hub!

The idea for this comm came about partly because okay, largely because as many of us are wont to point out, excellent fic is in short supply around the PpG fandom, yet there are quite a number of very talented writers who’ve taken up residence in our little corner of the internet. And I think (for the most part) we’re pretty encouraging and supportive of each other. So… why not continue the trend, keep the fandom active, and flex the writing bones while we’re at it?

Every month a prompt gets posted. If you want to participate, submit your entry to us and we'll post it anonymously for voting (see below for more details). Write one. Write two. Write two more. Write fifteen, if the muse is kind to you. (But watch your length - keep in mind, these are drabbles.)

A week before month's end, all the entries for the month are posted to the community and polls open for you to vote on your favorite. You guys are the judges!

Come month's end, the winner is revealed, receives a tasty banner, gloating privileges, and the opportunity to submit next month's post. And Townsville will rejoice. And the day will be saved. (Disclaimer: Day may or may not be saved based on the quality of the winning drabble, but you will probably have at least made the world a more pleasant one to live in. Good for you!)

The (official) Rules:
  • Please keep entries around 1,000 words or less
  • No porn/smut/NC-17 please
  • No crossovers please
  • Please work within the original CTN PpG canon (that is, no PpGZ, PpGD, or FusionFall canon)
  • Please submit either via pm to ppghd_entry or via e-mail to ppg.hub.drabble(a)gmail.com
  • Above all, DON'T BE A JERK.

Some things to keep in mind:
  • If your entry has any formatting (i.e. bold or italics) then they will not come across in the pm; you'll need to e-mail it to keep your formatting intact
  • You will need a livejournal account in order to vote in the poll
  • When voting, please vote in the poll posted in the community, otherwise your vote will not be counted

Prompts and deadlines/key dates will be posted at the beginning of each month. See you then :)

Please also check out promptpowerpuff for your Powerpuff-specific prompt-filling/requesting needs!

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